Wood Wine Rack Gallery

Wood Wine Rack Gallery

Provide stylish display and protection for your collection with our impressive selection of wine racking options.

Vinotemp has been an expert in wine storage for over thirty years. Our standard wine racks use universal 3-3/4” cubicles that are perfect for most wine bottles, however, we can customize wine racks to meet the needs of your collection. Exotic woods, larger cubicle sizes, and enhancing viewing angles on racking are some of the highlights of ordering custom wine racking from Vinotemp. Each racking component has premium detailing in rounded corners, sanded edges, beveled trims and construction that uses no glue to avoid any odor that may hinder the development of your wine. Whether you’re looking for the beauty and quality of all-heart Redwood wine racks or the convenience of wine rack kits for your home or business, you’re sure to find just the right wine racking solution for your storage needs.

Consult with our experienced sales and design team for even more ideas to enhance your custom wine cellar project.

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