Designer Series

Designer Series
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Winners of Design Journal's 2013 Silver & Platinum Awards for Design Excellence!
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Vinotemp's Designer Series wine coolers, beverage coolers, ice makers and under counter refrigerators, are skillfully curated to provide you with the perfect appliance for your wine, beverage, ice or food storage.

Both beautiful and functional, they add a touch of modern appeal to your installation, and will fit in every kitchen or bar environment.

Features: Designer Series Brochure Features

Silent Mode/Dynamic Cooling

mode is a setting which only allows the evaporator fans to turn on when the compressor does. Dynamic cooling is the default setting that allows the evaporator fans to cycle on/off even if the compressor is not on.

Charcoal/Cold Catalyst Filters

Select Designer Series come with charcoal/cold catalyst filters. Their purpose is to help eliminate any odors and also control humidity levels within the unit. VT-DS26SB149 comes with a charcoal filter, while the other units have cold catalyst filters. VT-DS300SS-2Z does not come with any filter.

Vinotemp Blue LED Lighting

Vinotemp Blu Interior LED lighting not only creates a beautiful display for your collection, it also helps prevent mold and bacteria from growing inside the cabinet.

Ice Machines

Our ice machines store up to 25 lbs of ice, and produce half-moon shaped ice. VT-DS15IMSS produces clear, cubed shaped ice.

Low E Door Glass

The Designer Series units have Low E Door Glass, which provides another layer of UV protection.

French Keys

The VT-DS15WC, VT-DS24WC, and VT-DS26SB149 come with antique style French keys.

What separates the Designer Series from other lines?

What makes the Designer Series stand out is the fact that they come with a 5 year compressor warranty as well as a standard 1 year parts and labor warranty, while our other lines only have the 1 year parts and labor warranty. Overall, the Designer Series is made better with higher-end parts than our Element Series.

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