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Wine Storage


Blend your wine storage needs into any surrounding with Vinotemp handmade wine cabinets, wine racks and custom wine cellars. Since 1985, Vinotemp has been designing custom refrigerated wine storage solutions in Southern California, and now in Henderson, Nevada while keeping quality and style in mind. With the largest selection of wine storage designs available, the capability to make any wine cabinet, wine cooler, or wine cellar customization you dream of, and the quality of manufacturer-direct products, we are proud to deliver professional wine storage solutions with a personal touch.



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What is a Wine Cabinet?

A wine cabinet is a furniture style piece that, like a refrigerator, has been insulated to maintain its internal temperature. A cellar cooling system is installed to keep the contents of the cabinet cool while the ambient temperature may be hot. Wine racking is added to organize and store bottles. Finally, locking doors prevent unwanted hands from touching your collection. A wine cabinet is the perfect storage option for those whose collection is currently a hundred bottles or more, and who anticipate their collection will grow steadily over the years. 

What is a Custom Wine Cellar? 

A wine cellar is a space that has been designed to store wine for many years. The walls and ceiling must have proper insulation as well as a vapor barrier. The door is weather grade and cut to form a tight fit. Different kinds of wine racking are added to store bottles horizontally. These elements plus a cooling system create the ideal environment for wine. A cellar is a great option for serious wine collectors who have ample space and budget. 

What is Custom Wine Racking?

For wine enthusiasts who are trying to fit a wine cellar in an oddly shaped space or who simply want to create a beautiful wine display, Vinotemp has many custom wine racking options. Vinotemp manufactures exquisite wine racks for private homes and commercial venues. Working closely with one of our cellar experts, we handcraft a wine storage solution that is tailor-made for your space. Whether you love a traditional wood wine rack or modern metal rack, we have many options to match your style.

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The Best Match for Your Wine

If you are a serious wine collector who is ready to organize and house your collection long term, Vinotemp is ready to provide you with some stylish storage options. Since 1985, Vinotemp has been a leader in the wine storage industry; offering wine cabinets, wine coolers, and wine cellars for both residential and commercial use. No matter your budget, we have a solution for you.


The best environment for the aging of wine is one that mimics the wine caves of France. It should be a dark space where the wine will sit undisturbed and free from unnecessary vibration, all while maintaining a steady temperature and humidity. The bottles should sit horizontally so that the wine inside will keep the cork wet at all times. A standard food refrigerator is generally too cold and dry for the long-term storage of wine. By storing your wine in the refrigerator, you also run the risk of introducing unwanted odors and flavors into your wine. Since most people do not have access to a wine cave, the next best solution is to purchase a wine cellar, wine racks, wine cabinet, or wine cooler.


There are a number of factors to consider when picking the best wine storage option for you and your collection. First, evaluate your wine buying habits and how many bottles you will store long term. As a rule of thumb, you want to double storage capacity if you buy wine regularly. Next, commit to a budget. Do you have enough funds for a small wine refrigerator or are you ready to invest in a proper wine cellar? Space is another important consideration. If you are living in a small home, it will be more practical to purchase a compact wine refrigerator as opposed to a large cabinet with a bigger footprint. Lastly, consider your style. Do you want traditional wood wine racks in your wine cellar? Would you prefer a stainless-steel wine cooler that matches other appliances in your kitchen? Your purchase habits, budget, space, and style will dictate whether a wine refrigerator, wine racks, cabinet, or cellar is the best option for you.


Wine racks are the most basic form of wine storage. They require very little to no assembly and generally do not require you to hire professional help for installation. Wine racks are highly versatile and can be used for a number of installations; wall-mounted, floor-mounted, corner wine racks and island wine racks are some of the most popular. If you are trying to find a wine rack that matches the design of your space, they are available in wood, metal, acrylic, ceramic, and more. There are endless possibilities with the added bonus of adding more racking as your collection grows. Just remember to place your wine rack in the best spot, where wine can sit undisturbed, away from sunlight, and within a space that will maintain a steady temperature.


When you are ready to upgrade from simple wine racks to a more controlled environment, a wine cellar is the most premium option. A custom wine room is a designated space that can store wine for many years. The walls, ceiling, and floors are insulated and have a vapor barrier. The door is weather grade and cut for a tight seal. Wine racking is added to store the bottles horizontally, keeping the cork wet. A cellar cooling system is added which acts as the heart of the cellar, maintaining a cool and steady temperature and humidity. Wine cellars are a large investment of time, space, and money, but Vinotemp has multiple options that can help you stay within your budget and make the entire process go smoothly.


If you are short on space or simply do not have enough bottles to justify a wine cellar, a wine cabinet is a perfect alternative. This furniture-style option is generally constructed from wood, is well insulated, and has many of the same benefits of a traditional wine room including wine racking and a cellar cooling system. Wine cabinets are a showpiece that can be customized to match the style of any room.


A wine refrigerator is similar to a traditional food refrigerator but features modern cooling technology that will keep wine at its preferred temperature of 55◦F. At their most basic, a wine refrigerator can be a simple 6-bottle unit that sits atop your kitchen counter. The best wine fridge will have a digital control panel that allows you to set the temperature at the push of a button, sturdy wine racking that is easy to slide in or out, and a door that helps to seal the unit and protect from unwanted UV light. Some wine coolers have multiple independent temperature zones which means you can keep one zone at storage temperature and another at serving temperature. You can also adjust the temperature zones to suit different varietals. The exhaust will point to the rear of the unit or to the front. A front exhaust allows the wine refrigerator to be built-in to existing cabinetry while rear exhaust means the unit should be installed freestanding. Modern wine units are now available in a number of colors and sizes, allowing you to match the refrigerator to existing appliances or select one that really stands out.


Whether you are shopping for a wine cellar or wine refrigerator, Vinotemp is ready to offer you the best wine storage solutions. Shop 24/7 or contact us at 1-800-777-VINO (8466) or email
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