Wine Glass Room Heat Load Calculator (Solid Back Wall)

Wine Glass Room Heat Load Calculator (Solid Back Wall)
Calculate Your Wine Glass Room Cooling Capacity with the Glass Wine Room Heat Load Calculator (SOLID BACK WALL)

Use the Wine Glass Room Heat Load Calculator to determine the required cooling capacity (BTU/h) for your glass room.

Please visit Wine-Mate Cooling Systems for models that match your BTU/h criteria.

NOTE: This online calculator was designed to provide a rough estimate of the correct sized cooling system for your application. There are factors beyond our control that will affect operation: use of single-paned glass on a door or window, improper insulation, failure to provide an air tight seal to the room or space, external temperature and/or humidity, air conditioning or heating elements around the space, and wall paneling and insulation. While we will do our best to help you select the best cooling system for your space, Vinotemp is not responsible for any errors in judgment if the wrong cooling system is selected. Please contact us at 1-800-777-8466 or so that we can provide you with a more thorough consultation.
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