What are the best wine refrigerators?

tall wine cooler with blue light installed in kitchen
Private Reserve Series 188-Bottle Commercial 300 Wine Cooler

The best wine refrigerators will keep your wine in the ideal environment while meeting the needs of your unique wine collection.

If you have been storing your wine long term inside your kitchen refrigerator, it is time to stop. Many of the leftovers, produce, and other food items inside your fridge have odors that can easily permeate the cork and negatively affect the taste of your wine. Food refrigerators are also subject to lots of vibration from everyone in the household opening and closing the door. Not to mention, the temperature of your refrigerator is too cold for most wine (average temperature is 40◦F while most wine prefers 55◦F).

The best wine cooler for your collection will provide a designated space just for wine, have sturdy racks that hold each bottle securely, is equipped with easy to use temperature control, proper insulation, and an efficient cooling system that will keep your wine at a consistent temperature.

Before you commit to a purchase be sure you know how many bottles you plan to store and your purchasing habits, if you want the refrigerator recessed into cabinetry, and your budget. If you are new to collecting wine, the best wine fridge may be a single zone cooler. If you have a growing collection and enjoy more than one varietal of wine, then a larger dual-zone wine fridge may be a good fit. For those who would like their wine refrigerator to blend seamlessly into existing cabinetry, a built-in wine cooler with front exhaust is the best choice. If you are in a smaller space, then a tiny thermoelectric wine refrigerator that can sit on a table or countertop is a smart buy. Lastly, if you would like to store more than just wine, a beverage and wine cooler combo may be more practical. Whatever unit you choose, it should be one that ensures a cool and delicious pour with every glass.

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