Should I buy a wine fridge?

wine racks

You may be considering buying a wine fridge if you are starting to collect more bottles than you consume, feel a need to organize your collection, and would like to take your wine hobby more seriously.

Whether your collection consists of six bottles or fifty, a wine fridge can provide you with numerous benefits. Not all houses have the added luxury of a private wine cellar or wine cave. If you have not been storing your wine in a cool dark cellar and have simply been placing your wine on an empty shelf in your pantry or in your food refrigerator, your wine is not aging properly. A pantry is not temperature controlled and is more than likely too warm and dry. Your food refrigerator is far too cold for wine, not nearly humid enough, and has lots of strange odors that can seep in through the cork and affect the taste of your wine. Wine is a fragile drink that prefers an environment that has a stable temperature (around 55◦F), is sheltered from harmful UV rays, proper humidity to keep the corks wet, and is free from unnecessary vibrations. A wine fridge can provide all of these elements and more. All of Vinotemp’s wine refrigerators are equipped with powerful cooling systems that will keep your wine at the proper temperature while maintaining humidity. Vinotemp’s wine refrigerator doors are double paned or solid to prevent harmful UV rays from reaching your wine, though we do recommend installing your wine fridge in a place where it will not be subject to direct sunlight. Each wine refrigerator also has sturdy racking in a variety of styles that will cradle each bottle securely. In addition, many wine fridges have a door lock which will keep your wine safe from curious kids or nosy guests.
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