How should red wine be stored?

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In addition, the space should be dark with little to no UV rays and free from unnecessary vibrations/movement.

Ideally, the bottles should be placed horizontally so that the liquid inside can touch the cork and keep it wet, preventing any unwanted seepage. The exception to this rule is wines with a screw top closures, which are okay to store standing up. Since most homes do not have an underground wine cave and very few have the space for a wine cellar, other options should be explored. An undercounter wine refrigerator is one practical option as it is both space-saving and economical. A wine refrigerator is a designated appliance designed for the storage of wine. Undercounter wine refrigerators are built with front exhaust and careful attention must be paid to ensure they are installed properly. Wine refrigerators have many of the same features as a traditional wine cellar; they have sturdy racking, a cooling system, and proper insulation. Another option is a wine cabinet. Wine cabinets, on average, are a larger financial investment and are also bigger and heavier than most wine refrigerators. Like a wine refrigerator, they are made with sturdy wine racking, a powerful cooling system, and proper insulation. There is more room for customization with a wine cabinet as the exterior of the cabinet and the wine racking can be modified to match the design of a room or the customer’s specific taste. While the initial investment in a wine cabinet is more than that of a wine refrigerator, if the cooling system should fail, you only have to replace the cooling unit and not the entire appliance.
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