How Many Bottles of Wine Fit on A Tabletop Wine Rack?

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Horseshoe Tabletop Wine Rack by Vinotemp

Tabletop wine racks are a great way to store and display your favorite bottles of wine.

Place a countertop wine rack on your kitchen counter for an easy storage solution that looks beautiful. Tabletop wine racks are made from many different materials and styles. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a small capacity wine rack.

Bottle Capacity

How many bottles of wine will fit in a tabletop wine rack? First, you should determine how much wine you plan to store in your new wine rack. Smaller wine racks are designed to hold between 1 to 12 bottles. The limited capacity is because many compact wine racks need to fit below a cabinet or within a smaller footprint. For serious wine collectors, this serves as an opportunity to showcase wine that will be opened soon.

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What is the Best Temperature for a Wine Fridge?

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Whether you are new to wine collecting or have amassed a large collection, you know that wine must be stored in the proper conditions.

When stored at the right temperature, wine ages gracefully and tastes amazing once uncorked. One of the easiest ways to ensure your wine is stored at the best temperature is to use a wine fridge.

Wine Storage 101

Let’s review the wine storage basics every wine collector needs to know to guarantee delicious tasting wine. Keep these elements in mind as you shop for a wine refrigerator.

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What is the Best Temperature and Humidity for a Wine Cellar?

closeup of wine cellar with acrylic racks

Wine Room with Acrylic Racking by Vinotemp

Wine is a delicate liquid that when stored in proper conditions, ages gracefully and tastes its best.

The ideal storage locations for wine are inside a wine cellar or wine cave. For those who do not have access to a wine cave or wine cellar, a wine cooler or cabinet can be used. There are multiple ways to create a suitable environment for wine, including a wine cooler, wine cabinet, or cellar cooling system.

Temperature and Humidity

Before you select a storage solution, you should learn what conditions wine needs for proper storage. Wine, whether white or red, ages best at a consistent temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature is too warm, the wine will cook and age quickly. The ideal humidity range for wine is 50-70% RH, with 60%RH considered the optimum humidity. Humidity prevents the cork of a wine bottle from drying out, allowing it to maintain its seal and preventing oxidization.

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Can You Turn a Wine Fridge into a Cheese Cave?

cheese blocks on wood shelves

Cheese cave image from

Wine and cheese are a perfect pair.

A charcuterie board with a selection of cheeses served with ample amounts of wine is the perfect mix for just about any occasion. It is no surprise that many people collect cheese and have even embraced the hobby of cheese making. Cheese collecting presents another storage conundrum ---- how do you store and age all that cheese? One method of cheese storage that has become popular amongst cheese enthusiasts is to use a wine fridge. Read on to find out how.

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Can You Use a Wine Fridge as a Normal Fridge?

black wine cooler in white kitchen

141-Bottle Single-Zone Backlit Panel Wine Cooler (Black)

A wine refrigerator is designed for the storage and organization of wine.

Wine refrigerators typically maintain a temperature range between 45 to 65℉, which is ideal for wine. You may be wondering if you can store other drinks or food inside your wine cellar. Read on to learn if a wine cellar can be used to store any additional items.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

The temperature range of 45 to 65℉ is suitable for other drinks besides wine. Bottled water, soda, iced tea, energy drinks and select juices can all be stored safely within the same temperature range. This helps to free up space in your standard kitchen refrigerator, especially around the busy holiday season. One thing to note is that the racking inside a wine cooler is not designed for anything other than wine, so you may need to make some adjustments.

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How Do You Control the Temperature in a Wine Room

open underground wine cellar

VinCave Wine Cellar

The environment in which your wine collection matures can affect how it will taste once it is finally uncorked.

The environment in which your wine collection matures can affect how it will taste once it is finally uncorked. Wine should be aged in a cellar where the temperature is a consistent 55℉, with relative humidity (RH) of 50-70%, away from damaging UV rays or harsh lighting, and free from unwanted vibrations. How can you create such specific conditions in your wine cellar to ensure your wine ages gracefully? Read on to find out how.

Passive Vs. Active Cooling

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