Why Do You Hang Wine Glasses?

hangrack under top cabinets

Keeping your wine glasses sparkling clean and well maintained is important.

Wine glasses are a critical element of the wine drinking experience because the right wine glass will enhance the flavors and aroma of the wine. How do you clean, store, and maintain a wine glass?

Cleaning Stemware

After the party has ended and it is time to clean your stemware, you may be tempted to toss all the dirty glasses into the dishwasher, but should you? Here’s how to clean your stemware:

1. Use a detergent with no odor for crystal stemware as the glass can absorb scents.
2. Wash your glasses by hand in warm, sudsy water using a soft sponge or cloth that will not scratch the glass.
3. Use delicate motions to clean each glass, paying careful attention to the mouth of the glass where there may be lipstick stains. You should also look for any fingerprints.
4. Dry the glasses thoroughly using a soft microfiber cloth.
5. If you choose to use the dishwasher, use a delicate wash cycle, and remove the glasses before the dishwasher switches to the heat cycle. Dry by hand.

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How Do You Hang Stemware?

wine glasses hanging from wood rack

Many avid wine collectors also have a large wine glass collection.

A good wine glass is important to the wine drinking experience as it can enhance the aroma and flavors of the wine. Glass is a delicate material, so it is important to keep your wine glasses safe, organized, and clean. There are multiple options for storing stemware.

Should I Store Wine Glasses on a Shelf or Rack?

Hanging wine glasses from a rack is ideal for several reasons. The glass can dry properly by hanging a wine glass upside down from its base. This method also frees up countertop or floor space while keeping the glass clean. However, keep in mind that storing wine glasses with the bowl facing down is only recommended for glasses with a thick stem and base. It is also important to install the wine glass rack in a low-traffic area where a curious pet or family member will not knock down the glasses. Whether you choose to hang your glasses or place them in a cabinet, always be sure to dry them using a gentle microfiber cloth to ensure they do not develop mold or mildew in storage.

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Why Do Wine Fridges Have Wooden Shelves?

wine cooler in lime green cabinets

Connoisseur Series 40 Single Zone Wine Cooler

The rack inside a wine refrigerator plays an important role in the wine storage process.

The wine rack provides a safe space to organize and store wine. In general, most fridge wine racks will hold the bottle in the ideal horizontal position so that the cork remains wet. The wine racks inside the wine fridge will also be adjustable so that you may easily select a wine to drink or change the height of the shelf to accommodate different bottle shapes. Wine racks will typically be made from metal, wood, or a mix of the two. Metal seems like an obvious material choice since it is easy to clean, durable, and commonly used in many appliances. Wood, however, may feel like an odd choice. Is there an advantage to using wood wine racks in a wine cooler? Let’s explore that idea.

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Are Wood or Metal Wine Racks Better?

wine cellar with wood racks

Custom Wood Wine Racks in Wine Cellar

When shopping for the best wine racks for your wine cellar project, there are multiple options.

Wine racks made of metal or wood are amongst the most common choices as they offer longevity, versatility, and style. When comparing metal and wood, is one better than the other? Read on to find out more.

About Wood Wine Racks

For decades, Vinotemp has offered its customers a variety of wood wine racks for their wine cellars. Wood wine racks are highly durable and look beautiful in traditional and contemporary wine cellars or cabinets. These stylish handcrafted racks are designed in the USA and made for at-home assembly. You can expect wood wine racks to age well and last for many years. Vinotemp’s wood wine racks are available in pine, mahogany, and premium redwood.

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Are Wine Dispensers Worth It?

wine dispenser installed into red cabinets

Serious wine lovers can benefit from owning a wine dispenser.

It may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but if you often open a bottle of wine and end up with leftovers, then a wine dispenser can help you cut down on waste. Let’s break down what a wine dispenser is and its many advantages.

What is a Wine Dispenser?

A wine dispenser is an appliance that allows the user to both preserve and dispense wine. The storage area of the wine dispenser is insulated and sealed to keep the wine at the ideal temperature. The wine is uncorked and loaded into the appliance and a gas and wine tube are inserted into the bottle. Food safe gas such as nitrogen or argon replace any oxygen inside the bottle which help to preserve the wine. To dispense wine, the user pushes a button to select from wine by the ounce or free flowing.

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What is the Average Size of a Wine Fridge?

side by side wine coolers in light blue kitchen

Whether you only own two bottles of wine or two hundred, a wine refrigerator is a smart storage solution.

Wine fridges are appliances specifically designed for the storage of wine. Like a kitchen refrigerator, they include wine racks, interior lighting, and a powerful cooling system that keeps wine at its ideal serving or storage temperature. Wine coolers are available in many different styles and sizes including freestanding countertop models, built-in medium capacity styles, and large units that can store hundreds of bottles. Shopping for a new wine cooler can be intimidating. Here we break down common sizes and other features to look for when shopping for a new wine cellar.

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