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Exploring Different Types of Wine Racks

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Buying wine racks for your home or business can be overwhelming. With so many choices, it's hard to decide which rack will work best for your collection.

The best wine rack depends on several factors, including your budget and how much space you can dedicate to your wine.

Essential Features of a Good Wine Rack

When shopping for a reliable wine rack, there are several features you should watch out for.

1. Is it sturdy? A good wine rack can handle the weight of your wine when it is fully loaded with bottles. Common materials for wine racks include wood, plastic, ceramic, acrylic, metal, and stone.
2. Weatherproof. While this particular feature may not be as important if you are using the wine rack inside your kitchen pantry, it is important if you are placing the rack inside a climate-controlled wine cellar. If you are adding racks to a wine cellar, select wine racks made from a material that can withstand colder temperatures and higher humidity.
3. Bottle position. Bottles should lay on their side so that the cork remains wet. Some wine racks will also hold the bottle with the neck facing the ground. This helps to sustain the seal of the bottle and prevent oxidization.
4. Pay attention to cubicle size. Most wine racks will fit a standard Bordeaux style bottle. If your collection includes unusual sizes such as magnums or splits, you will need to look for a specialized wine rack.
5. Assembly instructions. Select wine racks may require assembly. If you are not handy, plan to hire someone to assist you.
6. Installation considerations. If you rent, you may not want to mount wine racks to a wall and will need a freestanding option. If your space is smaller, you may seek a storage solution that maximizes vertical space.
7. Style. Lastly, consider the style of the space where you will be placing your wine rack. Do you want your wine rack to match the décor?

Now that you know what to look for let's explore some options available in the Vinotemp catalog.

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Wine Bottle Sizes and How They Affect Your Racking Needs

bottles styles
Bottle Capacity Chart

Wine bottles come in a myriad of sizes and shapes which can affect your wine cellar and storage needs.


Larger format wine bottles are increasing in popularity as wineries produce these sporadically to mark special occasions such as anniversaries or unique vintages. There are several benefits to the large format bottles; they age better which results in a higher quality wine and can be stored for a longer period due to the low oxygen to wine ratio inside the bottle. Conversely, smaller formats like half or quarter bottles age more quickly and should therefore be consumed almost immediately.

With the variety of shapes and sizes of wine bottles available, it is important to consider what type of wine you purchase most often when deciding on racking styles and options. That Nebuchadnezzar bottle of Champagne will add a dramatic element to your cellar, but it can be a difficult task determining the optimal place to store it.

Vinotemp offers many solutions for an array of bottles sizes and shapes while working to fit your budget. Below we have outlined the different products we have available with notes on how to use them for different bottle shapes and sizes.


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