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Best Place in Your Home to Put a Wine Rack

glass cellar with custom racking

Wine racks are versatile wine storage solutions because they can be installed in a variety of locations.

Whether you would like to add a wine rack to your kitchen to organize a small collection or are looking to add wine racks to a future wine cellar, there are many ways to get creative with wine rack placement. Check out our suggestions below for some fresh ideas.

When planning the perfect location for your wine rack, keep an eye out for important conditions that must be met to ensure your collection looks attractive and ages gracefully. First, consider wine’s enemies. Your wine will flourish in a cool room with a stable temperature of 55◦F. You will also need enough humidity to prevent the corks from drying out. Wine should be stored in a dark location where it will not be exposed to direct UV rays or bright lights. Additionally, the location should be free from unnecessary vibrations such as constant foot traffic. Lastly, consider the weight of your wine collection. If you plan to install a wine cellar on the 2nd floor of your home, can the floor withstand the weight of your wine plus the wine rack?

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How Do You Put a Wine Rack Together?

black metal wine racks

If you are contemplating purchasing a wine rack, you may be wondering how difficult it is to assemble.

The skill level required to build a wine rack largely depends on the wine rack you decide to purchase. For example, some wine racks arrive fully assembled and can be used right away, while others may require tools and an hour or two. Here we review three different types of wine racks; from no-assembly required to DIY, so you know what to expect when you order a wine rack from Vinotemp.

silver wine racks
Contemporary Peg Wine Racking by Vinotemp

Easy to assemble wine racks include our modular wine racks, snap and stack modular wine racks, stackable wine racks, and lower capacity styles such as the ceramic bottle wine racks and horseshoe wine rack. Vinotemp's wood modular wine racks can be assembled similarly to Lincoln logs, a popular childhood toy. Each piece of the modular wine racks has a notch into which another piece of wood is inserted. The pieces are stacked on top of each other until fully assembled. Vinotemp's stackable wine racks come fully assembled. If you decide to stack them higher than three units, you should anchor them to the wall. Tabletop styles such as the ceramic bottle wine rack arrive assembled and ready to use. The snap and stack modular wine rack can be assembled without tools; you "snap" each piece together.

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How Do You Organize a Wine Rack?

wood rack on floor

If you already have a wine rack at home or are trying to plan how you will organize your wine collection, we have a few helpful tips to help you stay organized.

Organizing can be an enjoyable experience as you take inventory and undoubtedly remember how much fun you had purchasing wine. Additionally, organizing will make it much easier to find which bottle you would like to uncork next. Here are a few tricks to help you organize a wine rack.

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Where Do You Hang a Wine Rack?

wine cellar in living room

Mounting a wine rack on a wall has many advantages, from transforming your wine collection into a beautiful art display to freeing up floor or counter space.

Wall-mounted wine racks are available in various materials that will complement any room, from rustic to modern. Peg wine racks, metal wine racks, and cable wine racks are just a few of the different styles available. Whether you are storing six bottles or a few hundred, you will want to ensure the rack is mounted securely and does not cause long-term damage to your walls.

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How to Hang a Bottle Wine Rack on a Wall?

custom wine cellar in living room

Custom Room Divider Wine Cellar with Metal Wall-Mount Racks

Wall-mounted or hanging wine racks are stylish and functional pieces that free up valuable floor space while creating a beautiful display.

Whether you are storing your wine at room temperature or inside an insulated storage area such as a wine cellar, you will want to ensure that your wine rack is installed correctly. By taking the time to mount your new wine rack carefully, you can ensure that there will be no accidents, less permanent damage to your wall and that the wine is stored securely.

Before we discuss installation, please note that each wine rack will have its own unique set of instructions provided by the manufacturer. While we will provide basic guidance in this post to give you an idea of how much assembly may be required from a wall-mounted wine rack, it is also important to carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Let’s begin.

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