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How Does a Wall-Mounted Wine Rack Work?

rack under cabinets

Modern wine racks create the illusion of wine bottles floating on a wall or from a ceiling.

These stylish and space-saving wine racks are practical for both new and serious wine collectors because you can hang one rack or many depending on the needs of the wine collection. How do these wall-mounted wine racks work? Where should they be installed? Here are some tips and tricks for installing a hanging wine rack.

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Are Wood or Metal Wine Racks Better?

wine cellar with wood racks

Custom Wood Wine Racks in Wine Cellar

When shopping for the best wine racks for your wine cellar project, there are multiple options.

Wine racks made of metal or wood are amongst the most common choices as they offer longevity, versatility, and style. When comparing metal and wood, is one better than the other? Read on to find out more.

About Wood Wine Racks

For decades, Vinotemp has offered its customers a variety of wood wine racks for their wine cellars. Wood wine racks are highly durable and look beautiful in traditional and contemporary wine cellars or cabinets. These stylish handcrafted racks are designed in the USA and made for at-home assembly. You can expect wood wine racks to age well and last for many years. Vinotemp’s wood wine racks are available in pine, mahogany, and premium redwood.

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How Many Bottles of Wine Fit on A Tabletop Wine Rack?

metal rack on white counter

Horseshoe Tabletop Wine Rack by Vinotemp

Tabletop wine racks are a great way to store and display your favorite bottles of wine.

Place a countertop wine rack on your kitchen counter for an easy storage solution that looks beautiful. Tabletop wine racks are made from many different materials and styles. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for a small capacity wine rack.

Bottle Capacity

How many bottles of wine will fit in a tabletop wine rack? First, you should determine how much wine you plan to store in your new wine rack. Smaller wine racks are designed to hold between 1 to 12 bottles. The limited capacity is because many compact wine racks need to fit below a cabinet or within a smaller footprint. For serious wine collectors, this serves as an opportunity to showcase wine that will be opened soon.

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How Big Are Wine Racks?

cellar made of acrylic racks with wine bottles

Wine racks by Vinotemp

Wine racks are storage solutions made to hold wine bottles securely.

Available in various installation styles, wine racks may be wall-mounted, placed on a tabletop or counter, suspended from the ceiling, placed on the floor, or mounted inside a cabinet. Wine racks can be made from different raw materials, including wood, metal, acrylic, ceramic, iron, and more. There are many frequently asked questions about wine racks, which we will cover here.

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Types of Wine Racks

glass cellar with bottles

Silver Maple Construction Glass Cabinet with Wine Racks Photographer, Susan Teare

If you are serious about collecting wine, you know that finding the best storage solution for your bottles is a top priority.

Whether you are adding a wine rack to your kitchen, creating an eye-catching wine display in your dining room, or mapping out wine racks for your custom wine cellar, Vinotemp.com has a wide variety of wine rack types to choose from. Here is a guide to the different types of wine racks offered by Vinotemp.

Tabletop Wine Racks

Tabletop wine racks are small capacity racks holding between 1 to 12 bottles of wine. Also called countertop wine racks, they are made from different raw materials, including metal, wood, ceramic, etc. Tabletop wine racks can act as a stylish to display just a few bottles at a dinner party or as a storage solution for those who only keep a few bottles of wine on hand at a time.

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Can a Wine Rack be Decorative and Functional?

Kitchen wall cut out wine cellar

Custom Vinotemp Glass Cellar

While a wine cellar is an ideal place to house your wine collection, not everybody has the budget or space required to build a cellar of their own.

Without a dedicated room, your wine may need to be stored in a common area of the home, such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, or family room. Luckily, modern wine racks are both stylish and functional, making a beautiful display from your collection. Here are some creative ways you can add wine storage to almost any space.

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

wood rack with holes
Customizable Riddling Rack by Vinotemp

Wall-mounted wine racks can free up floor space while safely housing your wine. Many different materials are used to make wall-mounted wine racks, including wood, metal, acrylic, and more. Whether you love rustic or modern wine racks, there is a style of wall-mounted racks available for you.

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